Starting the Year with Shutterstock Free Images

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It is the start of the year and Shutterstock offers a fresh collection of free images – one every week. Depending on your creative needs, you may find these images useful. Nevertheless, it is still a great idea to download them. After all, they are up for grabs, free of charge. Now, these amazing freebies each week are only available for existing members of the stock photo site. If you are not yet a member, do not let the opportunity pass and set up an account now.

  • Something fresh. The first Shutterstock free photo of the week provides a fresh feeling to start the year. It depicts a geometric image that is light to the eyes. Using pastel colors, they are eye-candy to viewers, making it a great addition to any blog or website. It will surely capture the attention of readers. It makes a wonderful header and background, giving adequate emphasis to your design.
  • Fairy tale. The free photo of the second week depicts what every girl has been dreaming of – a castle. Well, the photo is of a castle at the beach, which makes it even better. While the image may only exist in books or every little girl’s imagination, this Shutterstock photo definitely looks natural and real.
  • Away from the city.  The Shutterstock free photo for the third week presents a sweet escape from the hustle and hurry world of city life. A rural community in the middle of mountains and plains, it is the perfect addition to a website, blog or design about the beauty of living out of the city. It is the right photo to depict the perfect getaway with your friends and families.
  • I’m here! You guessed it right. The last and final free photo of the week for the month of January is a photo of a person. The image depicts a man holding his phone and looking at a far. It seems like he is talking to someone, asking where he or she is, and telling him or her that he is already at the place they are supposed to meet. You may interpret the photo in other ways. As long as it incorporates your message and not just decorate your website, blog or design, it will surely serve its purpose.

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The Shutterstock free photos of January can make the difference between an effective and nominal web design, blog or website. The images possess the necessary license to be used legally in any project for as long as you like. They are also available in various sizes – all at high resolution. You also do not have to worry about the model release of the fourth image as it is already settle. Just download them and use it wisely for your next creative project.